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Chitwan National Park

चितवन राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज

Address: Subarnapur

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Chitwan National Park - Toursian

About Chitwan National Park


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Facts about Chitwan National Park

Toursian is in the process of collecting all the necessary facts about Kuakata sea beach to provide a comprehensive guide for travelers. If you have any updates, facts, or suggestions for things to do at this destination, feel free to share them with us.

Which is the first national park in Nepal?

Chitwan National Park


Where is Chitwan national park situated?

It is situated in inner Terai lowlands, Nepal


When was the park built?

In 1973


How far is the park from Kathmandu?

169 km


How can one reach the park?

There are transports available from Kathmandu to Sauraha. From there the park is only 7 km away


What animals are there in the park?

Royal Bengal Tigers,Indian Rhinoceros, Asian elephants, Antilopes, Pangolins,crocodiles, pythons and a variety of birds


What are some activities to do in the park ?

Elephant back safari,jeep safari,jungle walk and bird watching, visiting elephant breeding centre,ox cart or pony ride, lake tour are some of the activities.


Is it a good place to visit with family?

Yes it is


What are the opening hours of Chitwan National Park?



Best season to visit Chitwan National Park

October to March


Ticket price at Chitwan National Park

No Ticket


Wheelchair accessibility of Chitwan National Park

Wheelchair Not Accessible


How much time it will take to visit around Chitwan National Park?

4 hour


What demographic is Chitwan National Park best suited for in terms of visitors?

All Age


Things to do at Chitwan National Park

As a travelers community Toursian aims to list all the interactive things to do here.

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Chitwan National Park

Md Ovi visited at: 2018-10-29

Chitwan is a different universe! We went there by transport from Pokhara. On our way there the perspectives were lovely. As I got to Chitwan, you can naturally feel the good, humble energy. We remained in a lodging with my companions, subsequently, we went to the public park. We saw a ton of wild creatures, having a lovely evening in Chitwan. I suggest the city of Chitwan itself.

Satisfaction: 82%

Chitwan National Park - Toursian

Abdullah Omar visited at: 2020-11-28

This is a wonderful park and the elephant Safari is a suggested one, on the off chance that you are fortunate, you may even see the Tiger. On the off chance that you are unfortunate, you will in any case see rhinos, deers, monkeys, and heaps of birds and butterflies. It's truly awesome.

Satisfaction: 98%

Chitwan National Park - Toursian

Trisha visited at: 2020-09-28

Chitwan unquestionably merits a visit on the off chance that you are in Nepal. It is very congenial both from Pokhara and Kathmandu. The scene of the backwoods is delightful. One can undoubtedly spot rhinos and deer and a decent assortment of birds too. Elephant ride is certainly a top draw however the jeep and kayak ride was more awesome to me. I wish to spend one more night. Generally speaking, I loved it.

Satisfaction: 81%

Chitwan National Park - Toursian

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