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Sonaichori Waterfalls

Mirsarai, Chittagong

1. Sonaichori waterfall trail is located at Hadi Fakirhat bazar in Mirsarai,Chittagong. A trip to the waterfall can be ideal as a daytrip. The trail is 26 kilometres long and is the most beautiful in Chittagong. The stunning waterfall lies at the end of the trail. The diverse trail contains steep hills,slippery cascades, bat filled caves. The exciting and unique trail always attracts hundreds of adventurous tourists all the year round especially during the monsoon

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Khoiyachora Waterfalls

Mirsarai, Chittagong

A truly magnificent waterfall which has been flowing for more than 50 years, situated in Mirasai, Khoiyachora has the largest corridor in Chittagong’s hilly belt. The waterfall consists of seven major cascades and many more isolated steps. But due to the location of the waterfall in the mountains, it is impossible to reach it directly at the top by any vehicle. There aren’t any arrangements to reach the viewing spot of the fountain and can be travelled by foot only. The waterfall was discovered later because of the lush mountain areas and bushes covering it. The waterfall has now become a part of the tourist attractions and the government has undertaken this natural treasure for reserving it. It has become one of the main objects of reservations for the Forest Department of Chittagong.

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Baros Island


Baros island is an exclusively beautiful white sand private island in North Male Atoll,Maldives. The island is a perfect destination for any traveller who is looking for an escape of the exhaustion and boredom of daily life. With the lush greeneries and picture perfect surroundings, the island shines as jewel across the water of the Indian ocean. The small coral island itself is a resort and offers a complete holiday package with the unparalleled nature in it's virgin form. The island stands as a tropical heaven with all the essential qualities of a most desired destination - raw nature,coral reefs, aquatic life and the shiny white gold sandy beaches.

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The Wok Cafe & Bistro


The Wok Cafe and Bistro is a popular restaurant among tourists in Male,Maldives. The restaurant offers a variety of different mouth watering cuisine which includes Italian,Asian and other international cuisines as well as sea food. Situated in the capital city of Male, the cafe is a comfortable place for the tourists who want to enjoy their food in a cosy corner. There is also arrangement for buffet in the restaurant. There is arrangement for both indoor and outdoor sitting. The environment is quite clean and the stuffs are very hospitable and friendly. It is a great destination for the tourists to check out all the delicious cuisine while enjoying the homely atmosphere of the cafe, with their family and friends.

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Gan Island

Addu City

Gan is the southernmost island in Addu Atoll,also known as Addu city or Seenu Atoll,which is the second largest urban area in Maldives. The word Gan comes from a Sanskrit word " grama" which means village. The island has an area of 2.25 square kilometers and is popularly known for British airbase and naval base built during the Second World War. The glorious island offers a wide range of activity,including water sports,snorkelling, and exploring local heritage and cultural experience. The climate of the island is pretty much fantastic all the year round.

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The Muraka


The Muraka is world's first underwater hotel villa inaugurated in 2018. The villa is located in Rangali islands. The structure of the hotel took two years to build and was built in Singapore. The Muraka is situated 5 metres below sea level. Even though it is fully submerged underwater, the hotel offers all the modern facilities. Staying in the hotel offers once in a lifetime experience similar to set of any adventurous movie,surrounded by crystal clear blue water and all exciting sea creatures. The hotel offers accommodation for up to 9 people.

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Khawalung Tashi Choeling Monastery


The monastery is only 10 minutes walking distance from one of the popular tourist attractions,Boudhanath Stupa. This is one of the largest stupas in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site,and among the most popular tourist magnet in Kathmandu. There are two other significant monasteries nearby,Kopan monastery and Shechen monastery. Kopan monastery is open for tourists only in Saturday. Shechen monastery is known for several spiritual events organized by the monks throughout the year.

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Shashwat Dham


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Shivpuri Nagarjun National Park

Kathmandu Valley

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