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Shashwat Dham

खुम्बु उपत्यका

Address: Devachuli -

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About Shashwat Dham

As a travellers community, Toursian presents all the information about Shashwat Dham which is located at Devachuli, Nepal. So that you can make a tour plan here. You can even use our tour planner tool that will help you effectively manage your tour with your community, peers, and family.

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Details Information of Shashwat Dham

Open Time



There is an entry fee

Visit Duration

4 hour

Best time / season to Visit

Everyday from 8 am to 7 pm

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Not Accessible

Best For ( amenities )

All Age

Facts about Shashwat Dham

Toursian is in the process of collecting all the necessary information about Kuakata sea beach to provide a comprehensive guide for travelers. If you have any updates, facts, or suggestions for things to do at this destination, feel free to share them with us.

Where is Shashwat Dham situated?

Shashwat Dham is located in Devachuli,Nawalpur District in Nepal


What is the other name of it?

CG temple, as it is located inside CG industrial complex


When was the temple built?

In 2017


What architectural style was followed while building it?

Ancient Khajuraho style


How far is the Dham from Kathmandu?

170 km


What are some famous things to visit there?

Sri Centre for Meditation and Yogic Sciences, heritage store,organic vegetarian restaurant, museum, manuscript center


What is one attraction about the temple?

There is a contrast of different coloured lights on the temple every evening.


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Is Shashwat Dham worthy to visit?

Travellers average satisfaction about this place is 66 and 4 people visited this place.
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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Shashwat Dham

James Robert visited at: 2018-06-11

Shashwat Dham, also known as CG temple, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. It is located at Devachuli,Nawalpur district in Nepal. The temple is located inside CG industrial complex. The place is considered as a spiritual paradise of Nepal. The temple reflects Khajuraho style of architecture. The temple was built by one of the richest millionaire of Nepal, Binod Chaudhury in 2017. The place is a perfect center for tranquility, spiritual development as well as physical well being. The temple is surrounded by a pond where water of seven holy rivers are gather. Also there are many trees of religious importance like peepul,ashoka, veera. They are also used to make medicine.

Satisfaction: 50%

Fahima Hassan visited at: 2017-07-08

Apart from the temple,the Dham has a Sri Center for Meditation and Yogic Sciences, heritage store, organic vegetarian restaurant, museum and spiritual souvenir stores among others. The place is not only for worship, it also highlights about enrichment of inner spiritual self. In the calm and serene premises of the temple,spirituality finds a new evolved meaning. The manuscript center preserves the knowledge of ancient writings as many as possible. Center for Meditation and Yogic Sciences is a sanctuary for those who are seeking peace and happiness. The tranquillity of the temple,along with the daily spiritual lectures and yoga sessions,help people to get relief from the stress and find their true self.

Satisfaction: 80%

Mary Patricia visited at: 2019-08-10

The Dham is a must visit destination for those who are willing to attain spiritual strength and wish to have a glimpse to the eternal knowledge of the saints and sages of Vedic time. The environment is clean,peaceful and well designed with fountains and gardens. The place is open all days of week and one can visit the temple without any entry fee. One mentionable feature about this place is organic vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant offers pure organic delicious foods based on the principle of Ayurveda to nourish the mind,body and soul.

Satisfaction: 50%

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