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Places that Adita Faysal explored.


Fantasy Kingdom

Ashulia, Dhaka

It is the biggest amusement park in Bangladesh and a nice place to spend an eventful day with family and friends. Kids will definitely enjoy the place since there are many rides for kids. They will enjoy Water Park and other rides as well. Foods are available at Park. Price is reasonable according to my opinion.

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Upaban Lake


The Naikhongchori upaban lake is located 120 km from Bandarban city and only 35 km from Cox’s Bazar. This is located near the Zilla Parishad Dak Bungalow. The lake is actually an artificial one. There is a hanging bridge across the lake. This place will give you a feeling of magnificent vibe. Different species of plants made it more charming.

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Kuakata Sea Beach


This December I had an opportunity to visit the panoramic Kuakata sea beach in Patuakhali district with my varsity friends. We were absolutely amazed by the natural beauty of the "Shagor kanya"- the daughter of the ocean. It is a sandy beach of 30 km length and 6 km width from where you can enjoy both the sunrise & sunset with magnificent views.

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Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

Cox's Bazar is the longest sea beach of the world situated in Bangladesh. This year, I got an opportunity to visit it. The feeling of walking along the longest sea beach made me thrilled. The experience of parasailing was out of the world. We really enjoyed the tour.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

St. Martin's Island

Cox's Bazar

Between November and February, one can get the best time for visiting here. Undoubtedly, this is the foremost tourist season. Between March and July, a tourist must keep his eyes on the forecast intensely; as cyclones can beat during these times. March to July is the tourist off season. This place will give you a "close to nature" feeling when in the dawn you will go for a walk by the beach. Imagine, just the scream of the ocean on the shore and a rising sun with cool breeze with you!

Satisfaction: 93% | See Reviews

Boga Lake


It is a place which will compel you to just fall in love with nature. The open car journey is one of the best part you're gonna experience. Just imagine, clouds, car and you! Majestic.

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews

Nilachal - The Beauty Queen


I felt like this is a beautiful place which is made by the mother nature with some extra care. The beauty of this place absolutely conquered my heart. You should take some snacks and drinking water while going there. It will keep you hydrated and strong enough to endeavour the charm of this place.

Satisfaction: 76% | See Reviews

Chimbuk Hill


We visited the place with family last year. As the young members, I and my cousins were strong and enthusiasts enough climbed up to the hilltop. We were mesmerized by the serene beauty of nature. But being weak, the senior members waited for us at the foothill enjoying the nature from there and purchased different fresh fruits and handcrafts from the beautiful local shops at the foothill.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

Amiakhum Waterfall


You'll need to trek around 7-8 hours for around two days to reach the beautiful Amiakhum waterfall. You'll need to share the rooms, restrooms there in the camps and have local foods. If you’re okay with there things, you must visit that beautiful place once in your lifetime. You'll always cherish the memories.

Satisfaction: 77% | See Reviews

Nilgiri - The Blue Mountain


This beautiful place is owned by the Bangladesh Army. So in your journey, you will be stopped by them once to write your name on an entry book and pay a petty fee while entering. This place will surely mesmerize you. The blue sky will keep you enchanted for a really long time.

Satisfaction: 78% | See Reviews

Buddha Dhatu Jadi


This temple holds a historical value as well as serves as a heritage in Bangladesh. It shows a unique sign architecture. Being a religious place, it will calm your soul. People of all religions come to visit it. And not to mention, this place offers a beautiful scenery to enjoy for the tourists.

Satisfaction: 77% | See Reviews

Boro Station - Park


Being a regular hangout place, this place has helped blossoming many friendships and is still harbouring them. To me, it is like a person whom you can't let go. Even if it is not treating you right being messy, yet you are connected to it with a leash.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

Hatir Jheel


This is a quiet place for hanging out in Dhaka city. The place is really well-planned and beautiful. Its location, area, landscape, over bridges, flyover, walkways, lights and trees will give you a different soothing vibe. The jheel is beautiful at night because of lighting. This is a heaven for the cycle riders.

Satisfaction: 71% | See Reviews

Mini Cox’s Bazar


I went to Mini Cox's Bazar with my family. We took a trawler costing 500 tk from boro station, Chandpur for an up and down trip. Fare is fixed on how much time you are gonna spend on that place. We spent almost one hour there. There are relaxing chairs and shades. Tea stalls & snack selling vendors were seen. We cousins, walked in the watery beach empty feet and clicked nice photos.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews

Tara moshjid - Star Mosque


The exterior as well as the interior is very much charming of this mosque. In the interior surface of the mosque, assorted pieces of different designs of glazed tiles are used. The three mihrabs and the doorways are decorated with floral mosaic pattern. A plant and vase motif is repeated as a decorative element on the veranda wall. The Japanese Fujiyama motif is found on the surface between the doors.

Satisfaction: 73% | See Reviews

Shoilo Propat


If you have a short time in your Bandarban tour, you can visit the Shoilo Propat which won't take much time and give a feeling of majestic beauty. You can also purchase local fruits from there. But be careful of the glistening slopes and broken stairs.

Satisfaction: 69% | See Reviews

Panam City

Sonargaon, Narayanganj

Panam Nagar tells us the history of ancient times which was previously known as Sonargaon and now lies in Narayanganj. In our visit, it provided us with a view of outstanding architecture of astonishing designed buildings and roads. Many of the historic buildings were built centuries ago during the rule of the Baro Bhuiyans, the warrior chiefs and zamindars who once ruled over the region.

Satisfaction: 78% | See Reviews

Lalbagh fort


No trip to Dhaka city is fulfilled without a trip to the Lalbagh Fort or also known as the fort of Auranagabad which was built in 1678 AD by Prince Mohammad Azam who was the Viceroy back then. The fort represents the dream of the Mughal Prince which stayed unfinished. So the whole fort has a sense of history and mystery entwined in the very bricks of the foundation. You can have lunch in the restaurants just outside the Fort gate with different types of foods according to your test buds.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

Hazrat Shah Niyamatullah's Shrine


The Shah Niyamatullah shine is a mughol built tahkhana. The whole tahkhana complex was built by Shah Suja. So it's about more then a hundred years old. The place consists of a beautiful mosque. It looks aesthetic. The beauty of the place won't disappoint the people coming here.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

Sitakunda eco park


This park is open in all seasons and looks equally beautiful in all circumstances. But if you visit it in winter, the weather and the journey will be comfortable for you. So save the date for winter to enjoy an enormous trip to Sitakunda Botanical Garden and Eco Park.

Satisfaction: 88% | See Reviews

Radiant Fish World

jhawtola Cox's Bazar

Radiant fish world is an recreational place in Cox's Bazar. Entry fee (300.00taka) is unreasonable. They have a short 3D movie show which will cost additional 50.00 taka. Not worth it at all! There is a restaurant also, the environment is good but the foods are not that much satisfactory. It is an enjoyable place for the kids.

Satisfaction: 69% | See Reviews

Meghnar Chor


Meghnar Chor is a chor which wakes up above the River Meghna in all reasons except Winter. So winter isn’t a good option for visiting it. You can go there by boat or trawler. But trawler is a safe option according to me.

Satisfaction: 75% | See Reviews

Sajek valley


Sajek is a piece of heaven in Bangladesh.To reach there, you can take buses. Bus goes up to kasalong. Reaching Kasalong one may take a baby taxi/bike/microbus/chander gari jeep to reach Sajek. As the road in there is a bit risky, one should look for experienced driver to reach there. But after reaching there, you won't regret for the challenging drive seeing the charm of that place.

Satisfaction: 83% | See Reviews



I, with my friends, visited the mount Keokradong in our vacation. We needed to take permission from the Army to stay up there in tents at night. And it was fully worth it. The moon from the mountain appeared to us with a different kind of beauty and gave a majestic feeling. The sunset and the sunrise also offered us with next level of grace.

Satisfaction: 76% | See Reviews

Ramsagar National Park


Before the battle of Palashi, Raja Ramnath excavated the reservoir called Ramsagar in Dinajpur in the 18th century. Later on a national park was planned around it. The park is full of natural lives resources. It's vast and beautiful. The greenery of that places kept me charmed.

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Floating Guava Market

Atghar - Nobogram Rd,Jhalokati

The floating guava market is market of great scenic beauty. Boats coming for trades on water are something to watch. The whole place looks colorful and full of life. There is noise of people here & there. It's a nice place for cultural photography.

Satisfaction: 82% | See Reviews

National Zoo

Mirpur, Dhaka

The national zoo is big and will offer you a great natural beauty. But the animals deserve a bit better cage and better maintenance. They receive a lot of funding but due to negligence, most of it never reach to the animals.

Satisfaction: 68% | See Reviews

Kolatoli Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar

The touch of nature can be felt here in reality with cordial hospitality. The main sea beach is a bit crowdy. There is luxury bus from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar directly, very comfortable and safe. Or you can fly to Chittagong and take bus or rented car to Cox's Bazar. Mid September-mid March is the peak season but the rest is off peak, off peak season is pocket friendly to stay here.

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Guliakhali Sea Beach

Muradpur Chittagong

I visited many beaches in my life in home and as well as abroad, but none was like Guliakhali sea beach. It's totally covered with mangrove tress and grasses. The beach is full of greenery and beside a green beach, there flows a blue ocean which automatically forced me into saying "wow".

Satisfaction: 89% | See Reviews

Rayer Bazar Boddho Bhumi

Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Designed by architect Farid U Ahmed and Jami Al Shafi, the monument stands like a wall torn darkly against a blue blue sky. Carved in apparent despair is a sharp rectangular window to what appears to be hope in the sky. In the foreground is a long granite column emerging from a pool of still water. We stood at the edge for a few minutes to show respect to the intellectual martyrs.

Satisfaction: 76% | See Reviews

Lalon Shah's Mazar


Lalon Shah's Mazar is situated at Kushtia. It's not very far from the center of the city. So going there is really convenient. And the heart-rending and soulful songs of Lalon Shah sung there will definitely attract all the tourists. Lalon mela occurs there yearly as a celebration there. If you’re interested, you can also visit the place then.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

National Botanical Garden

Mirpur, Dhaka

There is a minimum entry fee of only tk 10 per person. Visitors are requested to be out of the park before dark. There are street hawkers everywhere. One needs a good pair of shoes to walk around the garden because it's vast.Though there are shelters but they are so dirty. On weekends, the park is flooded with people. April to September are the best season to enjoy the beauty of the park when the trees remain green. In winter, though the weather is comfortable, but it does not stay green.

Satisfaction: 71% | See Reviews

Nafa-Khum Waterfall


Nafakhum is a place of great tranquility. It is more of a cascade than a waterfall. But in full moon, it gives a nice visuals of a waterfall like pearls. The waterfall lies deep in the forest. It is roughly a three hours walk from the village of Remakri and can be done in one day. The trail can be extremely dangerous on its day so trailers must always maintain caution. So you should always carry ropes and life jackets.

Satisfaction: 74% | See Reviews

Beauty Boarding


This place holds a very aesthetic vibe. I, with my friends, visited this classic place. We explored the place and took some nice photos of each other. Classic traditional dress will match perfectly with the vibe of this place and will serve you with some elegant photos of yours. And the tasty foods will add to the nice experience gathered in this place.

Satisfaction: 73% | See Reviews

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar

Hanuman Dhoka Sadak, Kathmandu

This is a hindu temple in an ancient palace. The building holds enormous architectural beauty. The terrace is dome shaped. There's also a museum with the leftovers of the malla kings and Shah dynasty. We wandered around the whole area and were mesmerized.

Satisfaction: 81% | See Reviews

Bardhan Kuthi


Bardhan Kuthi was formerly known as Bardhan Court. It is situated at Gobindaganj upazila of Gaibandha district. This place was under the reign of Raja Harinath during the rulership of British East India Company. Raja Shoilesh Chandra was the last ruler of this place.

Satisfaction: 71% | See Reviews

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Memorial Museum


The place has a historical and cultural value as we can see how the Father of Bangladesh lived a simple life and how he along with his family were martyred. The blood splattered stairs, clothes. the bullet ridden walls. This museum made me emotion-struck for a while. Films, interactive exhibits can be added to make it lively.

Satisfaction: 84% | See Reviews

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve


We visited the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve while travelling Nepal. It's situated at the eastern side of Nepal. This place showed us the diversity of wildlife and a different kind of land type. We really enjoyed the tour.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Sonargaon Museum


We visited the Sonargaon Museum on a one day trip. The aristocracy exceeded our expectations. The place is quite large, so a full day trip is needed to visit everything. It's a place where you can feel your root. There is place for traditional shopping. We found a bioscope there which was interesting.

Satisfaction: 77% | See Reviews

Meghla Parjatan Complex


It is one of the best places in Bangladesh to have a tour with friends. I and my friends enjoyed the soothing place a lot. We didn’t know there are cable cars there. We were excited seeing those and having an adventurous experience. This place will clam your mind instantly.

Satisfaction: 80% | See Reviews

Rabindra Sarobar

Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Dhanmondi Lake with Rabindra Shorobor is giving some space to its neighborhood to walk, relax and even dining facilities. Highly recommended for all!

Satisfaction: 67% | See Reviews

White Monastery - White Gumba


White Monastery is a religious place which gives us Nepal's traditional and cultural knowledge & knowledge of Buddhism. This place is artistically designed. It’s exterior & interior is enormous with nice stairs and small statues.

Satisfaction: 79% | See Reviews

Mashajan Dighi


Satisfaction: 0% | See Reviews

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