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Kathmandu Durbar Square

काठमाडौं दरबार स्क्वायर

Address: Kathmandu -

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About Kathmandu Durbar Square

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Details Information of Kathmandu Durbar Square

Open Time

10am to 5pm


No Ticket

Visit Duration

4 hour

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Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible

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All Age

Facts about Kathmandu Durbar Square

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Who built Durbar Square in Kathmandu?

Kathmandu Durbar Square was built by the Malla kings in the 12th and 18th century.


What are other names for it?

Hanuman Dhoka Durbar square, Basantapur Durbar Kshetra.


Why is the Durbar square so important?

It is an important place for Buddhist and Hindu rituals, royal events and coronation of kings


What are the main attractions?

Taleju Temple, Jagannath Temple, Kalbhairav Temple,Hanuman Dhoka, Shiva Parvati Temple, Indrapur Temple, Gaddi Baithak, Ashok Binayak are some of the major attractions


What is the present condition of the square?

The temples are being preserved as National heritage sites and the palace is being used as museum


Can people of any religion visit the temples?

Yes, but Taleju Temples are only open for Hindu and Buddhist people.


Hanuman dhoka durbar square


Kathmandu durbar


Kathmandu square


kathmandu basantapur


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Is Kathmandu Durbar Square worthy to visit?

Travellers average satisfaction about this place is 80 and 5 people visited this place.
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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Kathmandu Durbar Square

Ripon Hossain visited at: 2017-01-26

Durbar Square is as yet amazing notwithstanding the earthquake harm that was caused in 2015. A ton of the structures are supported and revamping work is progressing however the set of experiences and a large part of the design endures. There is an ostensible extra charge yet we would prescribe paying for a manual to take you around as you learn considerably more.

Satisfaction: 66%

Abdullah Omar visited at: 2019-01-06

For vacationers, the extra charge was 1,000 rupees for each individual. Durbar signifies the "court of a local ruler". The square truly wasn't extremely huge yet brimming with landmarks, sanctuaries, pigeons, local people, and sightseers. Local people inquire as to whether you need their guide administration yet it truly isn't required.

Satisfaction: 84%

Md Ovi visited at: 2017-11-18

This square and the entirety of its sanctuaries are amazingly authentic and intriguing. Such a long way to go and see. Furthermore, the craftsman stores were incredible as well. Profoundly recommend you visit this site with a guide so you can gain proficiency with everything to know.

Satisfaction: 81%

Tahmidul Islam visited at: 2018-11-27

This is an absolute necessity in Kathmandu as it is one of the UNESCO Heritage destinations in Nepal. Old Royal castle is in Kathmandu Durbar square and there are a ton of other chronicled structures with a lovely design. A few designs were harmed during the 2015 tremor and the redesigns are in progress. It is a very bustling territory as it is encircled by homes and city structures.

Satisfaction: 81%

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