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Taudaha Lake

तौदह ताल

Address: Kirtipur - कीर्तिपुर

What Mustak Hasan saying about this place:

This is the lone common lake which is close to Kathmandu that pulls in hundreds ( these days yet used to be thousand before) transitory waterfowls and wintering birds, ideal spot to see and go watch the uncommon and birds in winter from Dec-March. An extraordinary site yet needs preservation consideration!

Taudaha Lake - Toursian

About Taudaha Lake


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Facts about Taudaha Lake

Toursian is in the process of collecting all the necessary facts about Kuakata sea beach to provide a comprehensive guide for travelers. If you have any updates, facts, or suggestions for things to do at this destination, feel free to share them with us.

Where is Taudaha Lake situated?

- It is located in Kirtipur,Kathmandu, Nepal. The lake is surrounded by hills covered with dense forests. The lake is full of fishes and a heaven for birdwatchers. Many species of animal live in the jungle around the lake


2. What is the meaning of the word Taudaha?

- The name represents the meaning snake and lake


3. How can one reach the lake?

- One can travel from Kathmandu to the lake.


4. How far is the lake from Kathmandu?

- 12 km


5. What is the best time to visit the lake?

- Everyday in a week.


6. What are some popular activities in the lake?

- Boating,walking around,enjoying the beauty of flora and fauna around the lake


7. Is swimming safe in the lake?

- No


8. Is fishing allowed in t

- No


8. Is fishing allowed in the lake?

- No


What are the opening hours of Taudaha Lake?



Best season to visit Taudaha Lake

Any time


Ticket price at Taudaha Lake

No Ticket


Wheelchair accessibility of Taudaha Lake

Wheelchair Not Accessible


How much time it will take to visit around Taudaha Lake?

4 hour


What demographic is Taudaha Lake best suited for in terms of visitors?

All Age


Things to do at Taudaha Lake

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Taudaha Lake

Partha Muhit visited at: 2019-05-29

Taudaha Lake is one of the regular lakes situated in Kirtipur Municipality. It is on a 5 kilometers far-off area from Balkhu Ringroad. On the off chance that one has not own methods for transport, it gets hard to get to the spot as we need to stick ourselves into a neighborhood transport to Dakshinkali. The fundamental fascination of this lake is the fish. Taking care of the fish with the food kept marked down around the shore so much wonderful.

Satisfaction: 92%

Taudaha Lake - Toursian

Miraz Abdullah visited at: 2020-11-23

I made some stunning memories and heaps of fun during my visit to Taudaha lake. I went there with my Nepali companions and we took the 10kgs of nourishment for the fish. This spot had numerous bistros and local people who sell fish food and different kinds of stuff too.

Satisfaction: 82%

Taudaha Lake - Toursian

Noman Abdullah visited at: 2020-10-26

Assuming you're a bird darling, head for this little lake while in transit to Dakshinkali Temple toward the south of Kathmandu Valley. I arrive each December or January to see the birds flying from to the extent of Siberia. The most well-known are cormorants and fogies which can be found over time here.

Satisfaction: 89%

Taudaha Lake - Toursian

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