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Janaki temple

जानकी मन्दिर

Address: Bhaktapur - भक्तपुर

What Sarawat Malik saying about this place:

Devotees flock to the Janaki temple during important occasions and festivals such as Ram Navami, Deepavali, and Holi. Visitors to Janakpur make a point of stopping by the various holy ponds in addition to visiting the temples. There are about 90 ponds in the area, with Ganga Sagar and Dhanush Sagar being the most popular. Before paying respect in the temples, some worshippers take a holy bath in the ponds. Pilgrims flock from all across Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India to pay their respects to the Goddess, who is revered for her fearlessness, purity, selflessness, dedication, loyalty, and feminine attributes.

Janaki temple - Toursian

About Janaki temple


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Facts about Janaki temple

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1. Where is Janaki Temple situated?

- The Janaki Temple is located in Janakpur in the Mithila region of Nepal. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sita. It is constructed at the place where goddess Sita was born. The three storied temple is built entirely of stones and marbles


2. Who built the Janaki Temple?

- The temple was built by Queen Vrisha Bhanu in 1910 A.D.


3. What is the other name of Janaki temple?

- It is also known as Nau Lakha mandir


4. How far is Janaki Temple from Kathmandu?

- 224 km


5. When is the temple open?

- The temple is open everyday in a week,from 7 am - 12 pm and 4-7 pm


6. What are some attractions in the temple?

- The magnificent temple with it's white pillars,domes and verandas resemble a royal palace. There are total 60 rooms in the temple complex decorated with lattice windows, coloured glass, beautiful paintings and carvings. There are also smaller shrines in the temple complex which have idols of King Janak,Queen Sunaina and Lord Rama


7. Is there any restaurant nearby the temple?

- There are lots of restaurants and sweet shops which offer authentic Mithila cuisine as well as other local foods


What are the opening hours of Janaki temple?



Best season to visit Janaki temple

Any time


Ticket price at Janaki temple

No Ticket


Wheelchair accessibility of Janaki temple

Wheelchair Accessible


How much time it will take to visit around Janaki temple?

1 hour


What demographic is Janaki temple best suited for in terms of visitors?

All Age


Things to do at Janaki temple

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Travellers Experience / Reviews about Janaki temple

Mim Sultana visited at: 2019-05-24

Food is an essential component of any trip. Enjoy traditional Mithila cuisine in Janakpur, which includes rice, lentil soup, vegetable curry, taruwa, tirauli, phulauri, fish curry, and curd. Such a lunch, however, is not widely accessible at the town's hotels. The meal must be ordered ahead of time.

Satisfaction: 75%

Janaki temple - Toursian

Arafat Hasan visited at: 2018-03-09

It's 25 kilometers south of Dhalkebar on the east-west highway. When you arrive in Janakpur, you can easily find the temple in the heart of the city. Unless you are terrified of the blistering heat of the summer in the months of April through July, you can visit any time of year. Jatahi, the nearest Nepal-India border crossing, located about 14 kilometers south of Janakpur. Even with India, the historic site has a well-developed road network.

Satisfaction: 86%

Janaki temple - Toursian

Miftahul Jannat visited at: 2016-06-16

It was built on the site where Goddess Sita was born. The attraction is now a religiously significant monument and a heritage site, but it is still used by followers as a temple. Pilgrims and travelers from all over the world go to this sacred Hindu temple during the Vivah Panchami festival in November and December. It is the city's annual event commemorating Sita and Rama's marriage with several spiritual rites and rituals. Around the temple grounds, you can sense the euphoric moment as well as spiritual environment.

Satisfaction: 50%

Janaki temple - Toursian

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